Registered Angus Cattle Since 1933

Freezer Beef

Want to know where your beef comes from? Buy local! Quality farm-raised beef is a smart investment…. And it tastes great, too!

Clearwater Farm is proud to offer our home-grown, local beef to consumers! Flavorful, lean Angus beef. Grass-raised, grain-finished. Year ‘round availability.

USDA Inspected | Whole, Half, Quarters | Beef Bundles | Individual Cuts

Quality You Can Count On!

  • May 2021 – 10 Clearwater Farm steers were processed at U.S. Premium Beef.
    • 9/10 qualified for the prestigious Certified Angus Beef® program
    • 10/10 graded prime
  • 2019 American Royal Steak Competition – 3rd Place,
    • Steer Raised by Clearwater Farm and finished at Valley Oaks Feeders
    • The only purebred Angus steer in the top 10

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