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Registered Angus Cattle Since 1933


Joann, Jim, Jace & Jera Pipkin

W.D. & Bonita Pipkin

One of the oldest and most respected Angus herds in Missouri, Clearwater Farm is backed by seven generations of the Pipkin Family. W.D. Pipkin and his wife Bonita, and their son Jim and his wife Joann manage the farm’s day-to-day operations.

The original deed to Clearwater Farm dates to 1857. In the farm’s early years Berkshire hogs were an integral part of the operation. In 1933, W.H. Pipkin and his son Morris traveled to Kansas and purchased the farm's first Angus cattle from the Johnson Workman family. Since then, Clearwater Farm has had performance as a primary objective with the farm actively involved in AHIR since 1962. Today, more than 400 Angus cows find their home on approximately 1000 acres of grassland at Clearwater Farm.

Based in Southwest Missouri just outside Springfield, we invite you to come and see our program first-hand.

Visitors are always welcome!

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